Capturing the big cat is one of the most exhilarating experiences of a wild life photographer. Not only because of their majestic presence, the real excitement I guess is purely the rush of adrenaline  when you find yourself up close and personal

Signature African Safari
The King of Nairobi
The Lazy Female
Size does not matter
Use of the tongue and the tail
The affectionate mother
First lessons of life
Learning to trot like dad
That's called a feast
The eyes have it
The most graceful of them all
The best Catwalk ever
Drinks after lunch
Whose catch is it anyway 1
Whose catch is it anyway 2
Whose catch is it anyway 3
Sinister Mista Leopard
Not in the best of mood
The Caracal

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That's called a feast

This snap is the closest that I have got to a kill yet. It was early morning at Masaimara, we had just started off for our morning Safari, when we got the news that there's a kill in progress. Of course our guide rushed to the spot. By the time we reached, the job was done and the feast had begun